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  • Seefelderhof’s well-being oasis
    Where relaxation and rejuvenation go hand in hand

    The key to relaxation and switching off is finding peace within yourself. With its luxurious spa oasis, the Seefelderhof helps you to achieve just this.

    Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation, a place where body, mind and soul can rest, letting you recharge your batteries long-term.

    A visit to our spa oasis offers a unique experience for all your senses: Feel the warm water relax your muscles and ease away tension; breathe in the fragrant herbal essences and aromas and savour the pleasant feelings they create; see your own happiness reflected in your loved one’s eyes. Or, if you prefer to relish your new-found sense of peace alone, settle down in one of our tranquillity zones.

    Holiday time at long last. A holiday in Tyrol.


    Special offers & packages

    for unadulterated relaxation!

    Our hotel is also the perfect place to stay if you want to cleanse your body. Our Finnish sauna and steam bath are highly effective in flushing out toxins.

    In combination with special herbal essences and aromas, body and mind are stimulated and invigorated. Following your session in the heat, cool down with a bracing energising shower and help yourself to a refreshment from the vitamin bar.

    Our spa and well-being facilities at a glance:

    • Indoor pool
    • Finnish sauna
    • Steam bath
    • Energising showers and vitamin bar
    • Infrared cabins
    • Heat treatments
    • Tranquillity room
    • Massages
    • Barrel bio sauna in the garden

      MASSAGES & BALANCE TREATMENTS carried out by our SPA team

      High-quality essences, sensual fragrances and soothing strokes – with the Seefelderhof treatment rituals relaxation comes effortlessly and the strains of everyday life simply melt away.

      Face or Body Energy Balance Treatments carried out by Ursula:

      • Face balance treatment
        Using a unique technique on the facial reflex zones, this treatment results in harmonisation and rebalancing of the entire body. In combination with highly effective products containing herbs and gold of .999 purity, the face appears glowing and relaxed and radiates a totally new aura.
        50 min. € 85.00
      • Active eye balance treatment
        Using gentle pressure, the meridian points around the eye are activated. During the treatment you will be taught special eye exercises that you can carry out at home for the wellbeing of your eyes. The treatment relieves all tension and disharmony around the eye area.
        25 min. € 40.00
        also bookable in combination with all other applications
      • Ear candle- + head balance
      • The ear candle treatment is a Native American method of healing and relaxation. The gentle suction created in the ear harmonises and regenerates the body’s organ and lymphatic systems. Combined with the head balance treatment, deep relaxation is guaranteed.
         50 min. € 75.00
      • Singing bowls balance with gong 
        The sound massage offers a particularly special experience. The singing bowls are placed on the clothed body and struck gently. The soothing, harmonising sounds and gentle vibrations create a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation that flows through the entire body. The gong frees you from the stress, worries and anxieties of day-to-day life.
        50 min. € 75.00
      • Chinese foot balance treatment
        Our feet can tell us which organs or which parts of the body are out of balance and need to be re-harmonised. The treatment actives the body’s own healing powers.
        50 min. € 75.00
        also bookable in combination with all other applications
      • Body balance treatment
        The most wonderful method for instant elimination or alleviation of tension in all tired, stressed body parts (neck, shoulders, back, arms, knees etc.). It is even more effective when carried out in combination with tuning forks or body candles.
        25 min.€ 40.00  |  50 min. € 75.00

      Classic massages carried out by Erich:

      • Back massage
        25 min. | € 40.-
        50 min. | € 65.-
      • Sport massage       
        50 min. | € 65.00

      Special massages

      • Foot reflexology massage
        25 min. | € 40.-
        50 min. | € 65.-
      • Lymphatic drainage
        25 min. | € 40.-
        50 min. | € 65.-