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  • Code of conduct in the hotel
    To ensure you enjoy a pleasant, trouble-free holiday here with us.

    Exceptional circumstances require special measures.

    We are carefully implementing the new hygiene regulations to ensure you feel safe and assured that we are doing everything we can to offer you a clean, safe environment in which everyone can feel at ease.

    When entering the hotel guests must take a test, provide proof of a negative test, show a vaccination certificate or be in possession of a document proving that they have already had Covid-19.

    Keep your distance
    Keep a distance of at least 2 metre between yourself and other people. Exception: people from a joint household or holiday companions staying in the same accommodation.
    Face mask
    Covering your nose and mouth is compulsory.
    In the case of groups travelling together, we kindly request that one person from the group takes care of the check-in and check-out formalities for all members of the group.
    Comply with instruction
    We kindly request that you comply with any instructions given by staff members.
    Please refrain from handshaking and hugging.
    Hand hygiene
    Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds several times each day.
    Hands off your face
    Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
    Sneezing and coughing
    Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a disposable tissue.
    Do not travel if you show any signs of being unwell. If you develop any signs of illness during your stay please inform us immediately.


    By behaving responsibly and considerately you protect yourself, your fellow guests and your hosts.

    Spa and well-being area

    Our spa and well-being area is open for use by our guests as usual. Here too, we kindly request that you show consideration for others.

    • Please adhere to the basic guidelines: keep your distance, wash your hands, sneeze in a tissue
    • Saunas may be used by one person at a time or by several members of a joint household.
    • Please pay particular attention to keeping a distance of at least one metre to others at the edge of the pool, in the non-swimmers’ pool and/or while chatting in the water. This also applies to the entrance and changing area.
    • Fanning the air with a towel is not permitted in the sauna.

    We reserve the right to make changes to these regulations in keeping with authority guidelines.

    Source: WKO.at



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